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Outreach and Teaching

The Reproductive and Oncofertility Science Academy

The Reproductive and Oncofertility Science Academy (ROSA) at UC San Diego (ROSA) is a hands-on educational program that inspires 11th and 12th grade girls to become the next generation of scientists and physicians. The curriculum is focused on oncofertility – an exciting new field in medicine that addresses the fertility needs and quality of life issues for young cancer patients.

The Hamdoun Lab has hosted ROSA Academy students for over 10 years. Students visit the Hamdoun Lab at SIO to learn first-hand about animal models for reproductive science. We spawn adult sea urchins, collect eggs and sperm, and identify fertilization under the microscope. The girls run experiments on how common household chemicals affect sea urchin fertilization and development. In recent years we have also trained local high school teachers to perform these activities at their home institutions.  


I've been a faculty member for ROSA since the Summer of 2017. My favorite parts of the ROSA academy are 1) teaching students about fundamental, discovery-based research performed in marine invertebrates, and 2) hosting informal Q+As on the various paths to science research. The secret SIO aquarium tour isn’t too bad either!

Science Communication

IMMPress Magazine

During my PhD studies in the Department of Immunology at the University of Toronto, I was Co-Editor-in-Chief and Design Director for our new (at the time) graduate student-run departmental magazine, IMMPress Magazine.

This was an incredibly rewarding time. I learned a lot about science communication, graphic design, writing, editing, and mentoring my peers in all of the above. This work was great training for mentorship and effective public communication.

Selected Highlights:


1. CRISPR CRAZE infographic (06/2015). One of the Top-5 accessed articles of IMMpress Magazine in 2016 and 2015. Re-prints requested by the NIH Office of Communications and several independent researchers.

2. CRISPR in the Red Queen’s Court: The Evolutionary Arms Race with Phage and Other Adventures in Wonderland (06/2015). One of the Top-10 accessed articles of 2015.

3. Finding Treasure in Marine Invertebrate Genomes (09/2014)

4. Sciencefreude, New German Words for the Academic Condition (01/2015)

5. A Treatise on Scientific Anxiety (12/2014)

6. Basic Science, A Call to Arms (11/2013)

7. Diabetes and Hormones and Bugs, Oh My! An interview with alumnus Dr. Janet Markle (04/2013)







Media Coverage

Doctoral candidate blends love of art and scienceSunnybrook Research Institute Magazine (10/2015) 

Undeterred: Today’s science trainees and supervisors on the challenging academic job terrainSunnybrook Research Institute Magazine (2015) 

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